Monday, January 25, 2016

Thoughts on the new year...

Well, 2015 is finally over; 2016 is off to a roaring start! Lou and I are so pleased that the rain has begun; our 2015 harvest was much lighter than the year before, but the trees are looking good and we're hopeful that we'll catch up this year. We are delighted to tell everyone that our cider is quite popular with everyone...we were honored to receive a silver medal during the 2015 California State Fair, and a bronze medal at the California Cider Competition.

We are also happy to expand our sales to some new customers, as well as being grateful to our loyal fans in West Marin. Thank you! You can now find us at many of the local restaurants and fine retail shops by checking our AppleGarden Farm web page.

This year's activities include modernizing our equipment a little: Lou is building a larger pasteurizer and we are so pleased with the press he built last spring that we're actually thinking of increasing our production...but still keeping to our philosophy of staying small and continuing to produce only what we can manage while having fun!

We've enjoyed so many guests at AppleGarden Cottage this last year that we've decided to include tours of the farm and cidery for people just interested in our cider. We offer tastings and tours each Saturday from "bloom" to "harvest" for anyone who'd like to see what we're up to...please e-mail us for a reservation. We are happy to introduce everyone to the magic of simple organic apple juice fermented to a delicious hard cider.  Cheers!